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Human Body
Liver - Cleans blood and produces bile, helps to break down food.
Small Intestine - Allows nutrients from food to move into the blood
Large Intestine - Moves waste out of the body and absorbs water
Stomach - Breaks down food into a liquid mixture
Pancreas - Produces important chemicals and juices that help with the
digestion of food.
Kidney - Helps to clean the blood and sends waste to the bladder.
Bladder - Stores urine sent from the kidneys
Muscles - Moves the bones in the body, can also be found in organs, such as
the heart and stomach
Skeleton - Gives the human body its structure, support, helps it move, and
protects organs
Sensory Organs - Helps us learn about the world around us
Brain - The command center of the body; controls everything in the body.
Lungs - Takes in oxygen for the body cells to use and gets rid of carbon
dioxide waste produced by cells.
Skin - Covers and protects everything inside the body.
Heart - Pumps blood through the body.