Download 11. The organ w/4 lobes is called?

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Digestive System
Practical Exam
1. List the 7 organs of the
alimentary canal.
2. List the 6 accessory digestive
3. What is the passage
for air & food?
4. What is another name
for the gullet?
5. Food moves through
the alimentary canal via
what motion?
6. The small finger-like
projections in the small
intestine are called _____?
7. The valve in the small
intestine that regulates
food into it is the?
8. Bile breaks large fat
globules into smaller ones
in a process known as __?
9. Food that resembles
heavy cream after being
processed in the stomach
is called ___?
10. The upper,
expanded part of the
stomach lateral to the
cardiac region is the __?
11. The organ w/4 lobes is called?
12. Name the sack where both physical &
chemical digestion occur? (hint: very acidic)
13. The snake like organ which is longer
than it is wide is the what?
14. The connective membrane that holds the
intestines to the dorsal body wall is the ?
15. What tube is this that is flexible &
allows food to travel down it?
The End