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Digestive System
1. Function of the Digestive system?
2. What is the alimentary canal?
3. You need to know the following parts of the alimentary canal and
their functions.
• Mouth (buccal cavity) , teeth , tongue , hard palate, soft palate,
uvula, salivary glands, bolus
• Pharynx , esophagus, peristalsis
• Stomach , chyme
• Small intestine – duodenum , jejunum , ileum , villi
• Large Intestine – Cecum , ascending , transverse, sigmoid and
• Enzymes – pepsin / peptidase, sucrose/lactase, lipase, salivary
4. You need to know the following parts of the accessory organs and
their functions.
• Liver - What is the liver’s role in bile, glucose, blood clots, and
• Gallbladder – What is the gallbladder’s function?
• Pancreas – What is the pancreas’s role in digestion and insulin?
• Where is bile produced, stored? , And what is its function?
• What is the role of insulin?
Label the parts of the digestive system on the diagram AND draw in / label the accessory organs.
In the boxes provided write in the organs / enzymes that belong.