Download 2 Animal Tissues and Organs Heart, blood and blood vessels quick

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2 Animal Tissues and Organs
Heart, blood and blood vessels quick questions
Try these as a 15 minute revision activity.
1. Give a definition of a tissue
2. Name 3 different tissues in the digestive system and their
3. Name 4 organ systems in the body and state their
4. Which system does the heart belong to?
5. Name the organs which make up the nervous system? (3)
6. What are organs made from?
7. What are tissues made from?
8. What type of tissue is the heart made from?
9. Name the top 2 chambers of the heart
10. Name the bottom 2 chambers of the heart
11. Which side of the heart pumps blood to the lungs?
12. Where do arteries carry blood to and from?
13. Why do veins have valves?
14. What do red blood cells do?
15. What would happen if platelet levels were low?