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Unit B: Cells and Systems
Topic 5: Cell Specialization
and Organization
A. Specialized Cells
1. Different cells have different
__________ and functions:
B. The Advantages of Being Multi-cellular
1. Multi-cellular __________ can:
Live in a wide __________ of environments
Grow very __________
Obtain their energy from a wide variety of foods
Have __________ bodies
Specialize functions and work in __________ with
other cells
C. Cell Organization
1. Cells with the same structure and function
form __________
2. Tissues __________ organs
3. Organs work __________ in organ systems
4. Systems work together to form an organism
D. Tissue
1. Tissues are groups of similar cells that work
together, having similar __________ and
function. (Figure 2.22 and Figure 2.23 – page
E. Organs
1. Each __________ is made up of several
tissues all working together.
2. They are distinct structures in the body that
perform particular __________ . (Plants have
organs as well – roots, stem and leaves)
F. Systems
A. Organs work together to perform activities
that help the organism function as a
__________ .
B. Plants typically have __________ systems
(root system and shoot –stems and leaves –
C. A reproductive system (flowers, fruits and
seeds) is often __________ at certain times
as well.