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Name: ________________________ Date: ____________ Period: ______ #: ______
Level of Organization Notes
• ________________ ____________________________ - process by which cells become different types
of cells
•Tissues are groups of ____________________ types of cells that work together to carry out
_________________________ tasks.
•Four main types of tissues: ___________________________________,
_____________________________________, ______________________________________, and
•Organs are _______________ of different ___________________ working together to perform a
particular __________.
•Example: Stomach contains four types of ____________________; _____________________________,
epithelial, nervous, and ________________________________.
Organ Systems
•Organ systems are __________________ of different __________________________ that work
together to complete a series of ________________________.
•Example: the human didestive system includes: ______________________, small intestine,
_____________ intestine, and the __________________________________.
•Multicellular _________________ usually have many organ sytems. These __________________ work
together to carry out all the jobs needed for survival of the organism.
•There are many major ________________________ systems, but they all _________________ on the
others and cannot work _________________________.