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MKT 5207
Service Marketing
Afjal Hossain
Assistant Professor
Department of Marketing
Chapter 03
Customer Behavior in Services
The Customer Gap
Customer Gap
Consumer Evaluation
Processes for Services
• Search Qualities
– attributes a consumer can determine prior to
purchase of a product
• Experience Qualities
– attributes a consumer can determine after purchase
(or during consumption) of a product
• Credence Qualities
– characteristics that may be impossible to evaluate
even after purchase and consumption
Continuum of Evaluation for
Different Types of Products
Easy to evaluate
Difficult to evaluate
High in search High in experience High in credence
Figure 3.2
Stages in Consumer Decision Making and
Evaluation of Services
Figure 3.3
Issues to Consider in Examining the
Consumer’s Service Choice
• Need recognition
• Information search
• Evaluation of service alternatives
• Service purchase
Issues to Consider in Examining the
Consumer’s Service Experience
• Services as processes
• Service provision as drama
• Service roles and scripts
• The compatibility of service customers
• Customer coproduction
• Emotion and mood
Issues to Consider in Examining the Consumer’s
Service Postexperience evaluation
• Word-of-mouth communication
• Attribution of dissatisfaction
• Positive or negative biases
• Brand loyalty
Understanding differences among
• Global difference: The role of culture
Values and attributes differ across culture
Manners and customs
Material culture
Educational and Social institutions
• Group decision making
» Households
» organizations
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