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 Know
the purpose of the 5 Pillars of Islam
 Understand each pillar, as well as its Islamic
 As
Islam spread,
Muslim theologians
wanted to make
sure new converts
understood the
essential aspects of
the religion
 The
Five Pillars
describe how
Muslims are to
 Profession
of faith:
“There is no God
but Allah, and
Muhammad is the
Messenger of Allah.”
 Muhammad is the
final messenger of
 Saying it before two
witnesses is all that
is needed to be
legally considered
Required to say prayer
five times a day
Involves both verbal
prayer and gestures
Prayer can be done
anywhere as long as its
Muslims attend mosques
on Fridays
Can also pray privately
throughout the day,
known as du’a
 Each
Muslim is
asked to give a
certain % of their
income to the
 This helps to share
the wealth in
society more
Takes place during the
month of Ramadan, the
month in which
Muhammad first
received the divine
message of Allah
During daylight house,
Muslims are asked to
abstain from food,
water, evil thoughts,
drinking, smoking, and
Ramadan ends with the
three-day Feast of Eid
Required (if financially
possible) to happen only
once in their life- a
pilgrimage to the Kaaba in
Those who have made the
pilgrimage add “haji” to
their names.
Special clothing called
“ihram” is worn- men
wear two seamless
garments made from
white cloth and women
conceal their bodies and
hair, leaving only their
faces and hands
A video to summarize what we have
learned thus far!
(It would be good to rewatch this at the end
of the unit before your test!)
 After
Muhammads death, people could not
agree on who would be his successor.
 Two groups were created- shi’ite and sunni
 A. Shi’ite:
 Believed Muhammad’s successor should be a
blood relative
 Place great emphasis on the role and
authority of individual religious leaders
 10% of the Muslim population
 B.
 Believed the best person for the job should
do it, regardless of relationship to
 Emphasize the individuals direct relationship
with Allah without any human mediator
 90% of the Muslim population