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Meta Ethics
Free Will and
Virtue Ethics
Jan 2012
All ethical language is
prescriptive.’ Discuss.
3 To what extent do
Critically assess the
modern versions of
claim that free will and Virtue Ethics address
determinism are
the weaknesses of
compatible. [35]
Aristotle’s teaching
on virtue? [35]
June 2011
‘Ethical statements
are no more than
expressions of
emotion.’ Discuss.
Critically assess the
view that we are not
responsible for our
evil actions
Critically assess the
claim that conscience
is the voice of reason.
Jan 2011
Jan 2010
Our ethical decisions
are merely the result
of social conditioning.
Discuss. (35)
Critically assess the
claim that people are
free to make moral
decisions. (35)
June 2010
To what extent is
ethical language
meaningful? (35)
Assess the view that
conscience need not
always be followed.
To what extent is
Virtue Ethics helpful
when making
decisions about
extramarital sex?
‘The weaknesses of
Virtue Ethics outweigh
its strengths.’ Discuss.
Sexual Ethics
For moral issues
surrounding sex the
demands of
conscience override
other ethical
Assess the claim that
secular approaches to
environmental issues
are of more help than
The environment
suffers because
business has no ethics.
Discuss. (35)
Natural Law is the
most reliable
approach when
making decisions
about pre-marital sex.
Discuss. (35)
Assess the usefulness
of Religious Ethics as
an ethical approach to
business. (35)
To what extent are
ethical theories
helpful when
considering the issues
homosexuality? (35)
‘Utilitarianism is not
the best approach to
environmental issues.’
Discuss (35)
‘Some ethical theories
are of more help than
others when making
decisions about sexual
issues.’ Discuss (35)
Evaluate the claim
that conscience is the
voice of God. (35)
‘God knows the ethical
decisions we will
make.’ Discuss (35)
To what extent is it
true to claim that
people have an
individual sense of
moral responsibility
for the environment.
Critically assess the
view that Natural Law
is of no use when
discussing sexual
ethics. (35)