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Force and Motion Vocabulary
1. Force
2. Unbalanced force
3. Balanced force
4. Friction
5. Mass
6. Gravity
7. Magnetism
Any push or pull by one object on another.
Forces that do not cancel each other out and that cause
an object to change its motion.
Forces that act together on an object without changing
its motion.
A force that opposes the motion of one object moving
past another
A measure of the amount of matter in an object.
A PULL that attracts objects to each other. The greater
the mass of an object, the greater its gravity.
The ability of an object to push or pull on another object
that has the magnetic property
8. Position
The location of an object.
9. Motion
A change in an object’s position over time.
10.Frame of
A group of objects from which a position or motion is
How fast an object’s position changes with time at any given
The speed and direction of a moving object.
Change in velocity with respect to time.
How hard it is for an object to stop moving. The mass of an
object multiplied by its velocity (Mass * Velocity =