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Any push or pull
any push or pull
wants to change the motion of an object
has size
has direction
can change speed
can change direction
unit is the Newton
• metric unit of weight
• = mass x force of
• = mass x 9.8 m/sec2
Contact vs Non-contact
• Contact: there is contact
between what is exerting
the force and what is
receiving the force
• Non-contact: the result is
visible but you cannot see
the contact between the
force and the agent,
example gravity
Net Force
• combination of all of the forces
• determined by the directions of the forces
• shown by vectors
arrow attached to the receiver of the force
length = magnitude of the force
direction shown by the arrow head
→, ↓, ↑, ←
Net force
• Forces in the same direction: add the
forces together
• Forces in different directions: subtract the
smaller force from the larger one
Balanced Forces
• net force = 0
• no change in motion
• an object at rest will
stay at rest
Unbalanced Force
Net force ≠ 0
change in speed
change in direction
object at rest will
• object moving might