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ENERGY- Is the ability to do work.
WORK - Is performed when a force is applied through a distance
You can tell something has moved when it has changed _POSITION_.
To calculate speed, you must know _TIME_ and _DISTANCE_.
FRICTION_ -A force between objects that slows an object down.
ACCELERATION_ -A change in speed or direction.
INERTIA_ -A tendency to stay at rest or in motion until an outside
force acts upon an object.
FORCE__ -Any push or pull that causes and object to move.
GRAVITY_ Pull between two objects.
Measure of gravity
In order to describe velocity, you need to know _SPEED_ and
The six types of simple machines are: _SCREW, LEVER, WHEEL AND AXLE,
MACHINE_- Anything that makes work easier.
- Object being moved by a machine.
EFFORT_ How much force you use to move something.
NEWTON_ - Unit used to measure force.
Forces used in a simple machine are _PUSH_ and _PULL_.
FRICTION_ Force that slows motion
The six forms of energy are: _ELECTRICAL, THERMAL, CHEMICAL,
POTENTIAL_ energy is stored energy.
KINETIC_ Energy of motion
Forces that are equal in size and are opposite in direction are called