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Technology Push,
Market Pull
You need to be aware of the role of
research and development in
influencing product design and
Introductory task- torches
Tech. push
The way technology influences product design
• What sort of factors enable this factor of
product development and improvement?
• Please discuss.
Enabling Technology push
• Advances in science and technology eg. Smart
• Use of smart and modern materials
• Greater automation in production leads to
economies of scale
• Miniaturisation
• Others?
Market pull
The way that market research influences design
• What sort of factors enable this factor of
product development and improvement?
• Please discuss.
Market pull
• Companies pay much greater attention to
their markets- competition
• Greater emphasis on market research and
customer profiling
• Research into artificial intelligence
• More advertising mediums
• Often led by government legislation
• Brand loyalty
• A deliberate ploy to limit the life expectancy of a
product eg disposable products
• Companies limit the sale of products to encourage
consumers to buy the next version eg software, cars
• Products have an in-built life expectancy
• Affect on the environment?
‘Perceived obsolescence’ is where consumers ‘think’ their
product is past its best eg when fashions change.
Continuous improvement
• Companies continually update and improve
their products to keep pace with needs and
What other factors influence product design and
development? Discuss
Relevance to examination
• Tech. push and market pull are regular topics
due to their importance to the designermaker.
• You need to have a grasp of this and a ‘bank’
of example products you can use in the exam
when answering questions
• Question sheet on the topic…………