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Comparison of weight
and mass
mass – measure of the amount of
material in an object
-measure of an object’s inertia
units – g, kg
Measured by placing an object of
unknown mass on a balance and
comparing to an object of a
standard known mass
Comparison of weight
and mass
weight – measure of the pull of
gravity on an object
units – N
Measured by placing an object on
a spring scale to measure the
downward pull of gravity
Calculating weight
Fg = Fw = ma = mg
Weight is the scalar of Fg and is
found by multiplying an object’s
mass times the acceleration
due to gravity
escape velocity –the minimum
speed required to escape the pull
of gravity, 11 km/s.
microgravity – objects in free fall
appear to be “weightless” because
there is no normal force to balance
gravitational force.