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May the Force Be With You!
May the Force Be Qith You!
What is a force?
• Force:
A push or a pull that acts on an object
What different types of forces can you
think of?
Forces can be categorized:
a)Contact Forces: affect things they touch
– Tension – force in a wire or rope when pulled.
– Friction – slows down motion by rubbing.
– Elastic – spring-like object restores itself to its
normal shape after alteration.
b) Action at A distance Forces:
affect things without touching them
– Gravitation – attraction between masses.
– Electrostatic – force between charged objects.
– Magnetic – A field that acts on certain metals.
– the amount of matter in a substance
– It is the FORCE on an object due to gravity!
– Weight = mass x gravity
– Measured in Newtons (N)
Would you have the same WEIGHT
on the Earth as on another planet?
W= m x g
• Gravity on Earth = 9.81 N/kg
• My mass= 80kg
• W= m x g
• W= 80 kg x 9.81 N/kg
=784.8 N
• Gravity on the Moon= 1.6 N/kg
• Gravity on Jupiter = 27 N/kg
Weight = mass x gravity
• Increasing the GRAVITY causes an
Increase in weight and vice versa
• The force of WEIGHT is directly
related to both mass and gravity!!