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4 Types of Planetary Motion hold the
universe together
• Rotation• Revolution• Gravity-
• Inertia-
• Rotation- when an object spins on its axis, it causes day &
• ½ of all things that
are not stars are dark
When an object goes around
another object, to orbit
in the solar
system revolves around
the sun.
trip around=1 year
a force that pulls objects
things have gravity BUT
the mass and distance b/t
objects affects its strength
•It formed the s. sys
•It holds the s. sys
•The sun is the biggest
thing in the s. sys so
all things revolve
around it.
BUT if gravity was all there was, we’d all fall into the sun
So there is also INERTIA
• It’s the tendency of an
object in motion to keep
moving in the SAME
direction and speed unless
something else acts on it,
like gravity
• when balanced with gravity
it keeps planets orbiting
So inertia carries a planet past the sun and gravity is
pulling it toward the sun creating orbits!