Download At any given time, the momentum of an object depends on . List all

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1. At any given time, the momentum of an object depends on _______________. List all that
a. How much mass the object has
b. The net force being applied to the object
c. How rapidly the object is accelerating
d. The rate at which the object is changing its velocity
e. How fast (or slow) the object is moving
f. The time over which the object has been moving
2. An object which has a lot of momentum can be sure to _________________________.
a. Be moving very fast
b. Have a lot of mass
c. Be encountering a large net force
d. Be changing its velocity very rapidly
e. Be exceeding the speed limit
f. Nonsense-none of these are necessarily true
3. A leftward moving object is slowing down. The direction of its momentum is…
a. Leftward
b. Rightward
c. Impossible to tell with this information
d. Nonsense-momentum has no direction
4. Consider the mass and velocity values of objects a and b below. Compared to object B, object A
has ______ momentum.
Object A
Object B
2 kg
v=4m/s 
Two times the
Four times the
Six times the
Eight times the
The same
One half the
One fourth the
One sixth the
One eighth the
Impossible to tell