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Show the status of the connection.
(or whatever you have set the escape character to be)
Typing the escape character twice sends one copy of it to the
0Typing any other character (except the space bar, which is the "null
after the escape character will cause Kermit-MS to beep, but will do
no harm.
The escape character can be changed to something other than ControlRightbracket
by using the SET ESCAPE command.
0Note: Ctrl-Break can be used to transmit a BREAK signal.
You may
find this
more convenient to use than typing the escape character followed by
the letter
-MS-DOS Kermit for the IBM-PC-- Section 7
1Kermit File Transfer Package
The Mode Line
0When you first issue the CONNECT command, an inverse video "mode
line" will
display the most important facts about the connection you've just
so that you can quickly diagnose any problems. Here's what the IBM PC
mode line
looks like:
| Esc-chr:X] help:X]? port:1 speed:2400 parity:even echo:rem VT102 ....
0This shows that the escape character is Ctrl-Rightbracket, that you
would type
Ctrl-rightbracket followed by question mark (X]?) to get help during
that you are connected on port 1 at 2400 baud with even parity and
remote echo,
and that a VT102 terminal is being emulated. The four dots represent
the VT102s
LEDs (they turn into the digits 1,2,3,4 when "lit") and PRN will show up
if the
printer is activated (e.g., by Ctrl-PrintScreen).