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0using another of the predefined macros in the MSKERMIT.INI file supplied
by the
NIH Computer Center.
0If you wish to view the macro expansion whenever you issue a DO command,
you can
0MS-DOS Kermit for the IBM-PC-- Section 7
1Kermit File Transfer Package
7.4. Terminal Emulation
0When you issue the CONNECT command, your PC acts as a terminal
connected to a
remote computer through the currently selected port. The characters
you type
are sent out the port, and characters that arrive at the port are
displayed on
your screen, or interpreted according to whatever type of terminal
is being
0If you have not previously issued a SET PORT command, COM1 is used. If
you have
SET LOCAL-ECHO ON for the selected port, then Kermit-MS will display
on the screen as you type them, otherwise it will rely on the remote
system to
echo them. XON/XOFF flow control will be done unless you have SET
OFF. If you have SET PARITY to anything other than NONE, Kermit-MS will
add the
appropriate parity to each outbound character. While CONNECTed, you
can also
communicate directly with an autodialer or "smart modem" to
control the
communications line, hang it up, and the like, for instance, by
typing AT
commands to a Hayes-compatible modem.
0When you CONNECT, the program attempts to raise the DTR and RTS RS-232
and it takes no specific action to lower them unless you explicitly
issue the
HANGUP command.
0The IBM PC version of Kermit-MS emulates the DEC VT102 terminal by
default, and