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The DELETE Command
0Syntax: DELETE filespec
0Ask DOS to erase a file on the disk in the DEFAULT-DISK drive.
The FINISH Command
0Syntax: FINISH
0Shut down the remote server, but do not exit from KERMIT-A2.
The INSTALL Command
0Syntax: INSTALL
0Writes your customized version of the KERMIT-A2 program out to a disk
file named
"KERMIT." Ignore the FILE-NOT-FOUND message.
The MONITOR Command
0Syntax: MONITOR
0Exit from KERMIT-A2 to the Apple's System Monitor. You can restart the
by typing '801G'.
APPLE-DOS Kermit for the Apple ][-- Section 8
1Kermit File Transfer Package
The RENAME Command
0Syntax: RENAME old-filespec,new-filespec
0Ask DOS to rename a file on the disk in the DEFAULT-DISK drive.
The TYPE Command
0Syntax: TYPE filespec
0Displays a text file. KERMIT-A2 pauses after the first line is
Pressing carriage return will start a continuous scroll. Pressing any
key other
than carriage return will stop scroll and display one line per key
Section 8 -- APPLE-DOS Kermit for the
Apple ][
Kermit File Transfer
8.5. Matching KERMIT-A2 to Your System
0Changing a few settings in the program will probably be necessary
to match