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discard it; it will not appear in your directory. You may change this
by using the command SET INCOMPLETE KEEP, which will cause as much of
the file
as arrived to be saved in your directory.
0If a file arrives that you don't really want, you can attempt to cancel
it by
typing Control-X; this sends a cancellation request to the remote
Kermit. If
the remote Kermit understands this request (not all implementations of
support this feature), it will comply; otherwise it will continue to
send. If a
file group is being sent, you can request the entire group be
cancelled by
typing Control-Z.
The GET Command
0Syntax: GET [remote-filespec]
0This command is for local mode only.
-DECsystem 10 Kermit -- Section 5
1Kermit File Transfer Package
The STATUS Command
0Syntax: STATUS
0Gives statistics about the file transfers for the entire session and
the most
recent file transfer.
The following example shows the steps
required to
transfer a small binary file to the DECsystem-10 and display the
statistics for
the transfer. The example shows the effect of SET FILE BYTE-SIZE 8, the
command, and the STAT command output.
0Totals since Kermit was started
Total transfer time 0:01:13.900 (73.900 seconds)
Characters sent 360
Characters received 3876
Data characters sent 0
Data characters received 3048
NAKs sent 1
NAKs received 0
Total packets sent 56
Total packets received 56
Effective data rate: 411 baud