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0The SET PREFIX command may be used to specify a data set name prefix to
be used
as the first part of all the data set names for the duration of the
TSO Kermit
session (e.g., if the prefix is "TASK1." then the fully qualified data
set name
will start with "AAAAIII.TASK1."). The prefix may be overridden by
enclosing the
data set name in quotes.
0Data set names may be up to 44 characters long, but the user selected
portion of
the dsname is limited to 36 characters unless it is fully qualified,
since the
first eight characters are reserved for the account-initials prefix.
otherwise stated, the term "dsname" will refer to the data set name
without the
prefix. Alphanumeric characters (letters and digits), national
characters (@,
$, #), and the special characters period (.) and hyphen (-) are
the only
characters allowed to form a dsname.
0All data sets used with TSO Kermit must be cataloged. The first
character of
the dsname and the first character following a period in a dsname
must be an
alphabetic or national (@, $, #) character, and periods must be used to
the name into groups of eight or fewer characters (not counting the
The data set name is divided by the periods into levels. A data set
cannot be
cataloged if there is already a data set cataloged with a name that is
the same
through one of the levels. For example, if AAAAIII.MEMO.COSTS is the
name of a
set named
AAAAIII.MEMO.FINANCE, but it is invalid to catalog
reverse is also true.
For example, if a data set named
cataloged, the data set AAAAIII.DATA cannot be cataloged, while the
data set
AAAAIII.DAT can be cataloged.
0For data sets which have been created and not cataloged, the user may
use the
TSO or WYLBUR CATALOG command to catalog the data set.
0TSO Kermit supports a full range of MVS RECFM (record format), LRECL
record length), and BLKSIZE (block size) options. Note that the
default format
TSO Kermit -- Section 6