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WebQuest on Natural Selection
Click on Topic 1
Lessons With Darwin-1. On average, how many offspring did each of the three salamanders produce?
Short –Tongue _____ Medium – Tongue ____ Long-Tongue _____
2. What does it mean by the phrase “survival of the fittest”?
Lessons With Darwin – Natural Selection Isn’t Random
3. The Two Categories For Describing the Fitness of Individuals Are:
___________________________ and _________________________________
4. The Namib Desert is on the Southwest Coast of Africa. The two “phenotypes” of
The Euphorbia damarana bush are _________________________________ and
_____________________________________________ .
5. Review: What is the Genus and species name of the buffalo in
Wyoming? ___________________________________________
6. In which population was natural selection NOT the reason for the difference
in fitness? _____________________________________
Lessons With Darwin- Natural Selection Doesn’t Create Variation
7. Why did the long-tongued salamanders have higher fitness?
Show Me What You Learned – Click “Explain” to find out why your answers are right or wrong.
______________________________ ____________ _____________________
What Does “Selective Pressure” Mean? ______________________________________________
In Summary: _____________________________________ works on _____________________
variation, it doesn’t create new variation.
Defining Natural Selection
Darwin discovered that populations ________________________ by the mechanism
of natural selection. Natural selection happens because ________________________
differ in how well they __________________________ and _______________________
based on how well their ________________________ suit them for their ______________.
You will just do Topic One – Now move to the following site Next you can play a survival game. But first,
click on the “Learn About Natural Selection” icon first. Don’t spend a lot of time here!
Try Another Fun Visual – Rabbits
Quiz Score __________
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The medium ground finch is found on several of the Galapagos Islands. This species of bird prefers to
eat small seeds, which are easier to eat than large seeds. However, when food is scarce, such as during
a drought, some of the small ground finches can eat larger seeds. The ability to eat larger seeds is
inherited. The birds with thicker beaks crush seeds more easily. Medium ground finches are least
likely to be found on islands with large producer populations, species of large ground finches, more
variation in seed size, and abundant
Would you expect the small ground
finches and small tree finches to
compete for food on the
island? Support your answer with
How is the beak of the cactus finch
adapted to its feeding habits?