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Marketing Defined
Chapter 1
Six Marketing Fundamentals
• 1. Satisfaction of customers’ needs and wants
• The primary focus of marketing is satisfying customers’ needs and
customers’ wants
• 2. Continuous nature of marketing
• Marketing is a continuous management activity, not a one-time
set of decisions
• 3. Sequential steps in marketing
• Effective marketing is a process of following a set of sequential
• 4. Key role of marketing research
• Using marketing research to anticipate and identify customer
needs and wants is essential for effective marketing.
• 5. Interdependence of hospitality and travel organizations
• There are many opportunities for partnerships in marketing
among organizations in our industry
• 6. Organization-wide and multi-department effort
• Marketing is not the sole responsibility of one department or
division. To be most effective, it requires the efforts of all
departments or divisions.
Marketing Definition
• Marketing is a continuous, sequential process through which
management in the hospitality and travel industry plans,
researches, implements, controls, and evaluates activities
designed to satisfy both customers’ needs and wants and their
own organization’s objectives. To be most effective, marketing
requires the efforts of everyone in an organization and can be
made more or less effective by the actions of complementary
Tourism Defined
• Tourism is a complex of interrelated
businesses that serve the traveling public,
in one way or another.
Marketing (Customer)
Customer needs are a first priority
Ongoing marketing research is a very high priority
Knowing customer perceptions of the organization
Analysis of strengths and weaknesses relative to competitors
Long-term planning is fully appreciated
Adapted to market changes
Inter-organization changes
Partnership with related organizations
Measurement and evaluation of marketing activities
The 8 P’s of Marketing
1. Product
2. Place
3. Promotion
4. Price
5. People
6. Packaging
7. Programming
8. Partnership
Traditional four
Hospitality and
Travel four