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Important Anatomy Terms
Heart - A four chambered organ that pumps blood through the cardiovascular
Kidney - Removes many harmful substances from the blood. Cleans the blood.
Small Intestine - A muscular tube that is the site of most chemical digestion.
Pancreas – Make a juice that flows into the small intestine. The juice neutralizes
the acid in the stomach so it does not damage the lining of the small intestine.
The pancreas also makes a hormone (insulin) that regulates blood sugar.
Gall Bladder – Small baglike organ that stores bile. Bile is a green liquid that is
used in fat digestion.
Lungs – Saclike organ that takes oxygen from the air and delivers it to the blood.
Liver – Has over 200 important jobs in the body. A few of the more important
functions are: 1) Makes Bile 2) Stores nutrients 3) Breaks down toxic
substances in the blood.
Large Intestine – A large organ the reabsorbs water from the digestive tract and
stores, compacts, and eliminates indigestible material from the body.
Stomach – Muscular baglike organ of the digestive tract. It grinds and mixes
food then releases the mixture into the small intestine.
Dissection/Anatomical Location Terms
Dorsal - On or near the back
Ventral – On the front or near the side of the body where
the belly is located
Superior – Higher than or above
Inferior – Lower in position
Medial – In the middle or near the midline of the body
Lateral – Towards the side
Anterior – At or towards the front
Posterior – At or towards the back