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NAME __________________________
DESK # ______________
“Ludwig Van Beethoven”
Today we will go on a web visit to learn about a composer – his life and his music. You
will complete this activity sheet by filling in the blanks or circling the correct answers.
1. Go to
2. Click on the LISTEN box that has pictures of three composers.
Page down to LISTEN BY COMPOSER and click on
Classical 1750-1820 - Ludwig van Beethoven
Click on Symphony #5, 1st mov't, opening theme
Have you heard this music before? Yes
Would you describe this music as?
Mostly loud
Mostly soft
Click on Symphony #5, 1st mov't, 2nd theme
Would you describe this music as ?
Staccato (short & choppy phrases) Legato (smooth and flowing phrases)
Click on Symphony #6, 4th mov't
Would you describe the mood of this music as:
soft and peaceful
scary & exciting
3. Answer the following questions:
What year was Beethoven born? _______________
What year did he die? __________________
What was his nationality? ________________
Name two instruments he learned to play as a child.
______________ _________________
What was his favorite food? _____________________
How many coffee beans were used to make his coffee? ______________
Was Beethoven ever married? ________________
Was Beethoven a friendly and happy person? Yes
Beethoven became deaf in the last years of his life. This means that he lost his:
4. Go to the top of the pages and click on: Games
Play: Beethoven’s Baseball