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Beethoven Study Sheet
You will need to know the following for
your quiz
Songs that Beethoven wrote:
 Ode to Joy
 Moonlight Sonata
 Fur Elise
 Symphony #9
Beethoven can be described as:
 Angry
 Messy
 Musical
Later in life Beethoven became:
 Deaf
Beethoven’s relationship with his father:
 Was not very healthy
 His father would pocket all the money made by Beethoven
 His father forced him to practice all night
Beethoven started studying music:
 At the young age of 3 years old
Before being known as a composer, Beethoven was known as a:
 Concert pianist
Symphony #9:
 Has “Ode to Joy” in it
 Can be described as joyous/happy sounding
The viola, violin, cello and double bass all belong to:
 The string family