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Ludwig Van Beethoven
By:Branson Fuller, Dylan
Davidson and Hunter Ortiz!
Was born on December 16,1770. In
Bonn,Germany,in the Classical
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are needed to s ee t his pic t ure.
His Childhood,Family and Musical Training.
• He lived with his abusive drunk
father.Beethoven grew up in an unhappy
home.He was forced to practice the piano
by his dad everyday.If he made a mistake
he was abused.
How he earned a living,popularity with
society.interesting facts and what kind of
music he wrote.
• Beethoven was a self-employed composer. He was a
pianist and composer.Ludwig got income from
individuals,for his works,concerts,and lessons.No one
really liked him because he had a bad attitude.But
everyone liked him for his musical works.Beethoven
became deaf while writing his 9th symphony.He also
loved macaroni and cheese and strong coffee with 60
beans in one cup.Ludwig wrote symphonies.He wrote
9 of them.
When and how he died.
Beethoven died of lead poisoning in
Vienna,Austria. There were 20,000 citizens
at his funeral on March 26,1827.
Our favorite video
Symphony # 5.We like this performance
because it has a nice rhythm and beat.
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are needed to see t his pict ure.