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Objective 29: The students will
demonstrate understanding by
examining music of the
romanticism era
Photo with
his Wife
Beethoven's story is
one of personal
triumph over
and supreme
achievement. A
complex and
brilliant man,
no composer before
or since has exerted
greater influence.
And you thought you
had messy
This is a page of
"Immortal Beloved"
a love letter
Beethoven wrote but
never mailed. He
constantly searched
– but never found
When, early in 1827, he died, 10,000
are said to have attended the funeral.
He had become a public figure, as no
composer had done before. Unlike
composers of the preceding generation,
he had never been a purveyor of music
to the nobility he had lived into the age
- indeed helped create it - of the artist
as hero and the property of mankind at
Piotr Tchaikovsky
• Struggling with his homosexuality, he
thrust himself into a marriage with a
young women who admired his music.
This ended disastrously, with a near
nervous breakdown. Never the less,
during this time, he composed two of
his most famous works: the Fourth
Symphony and Eugene Onegin.
• In the late 1870, me composed his
brilliant Violin Concerto.
•In 1888, he composed the
Fifth Symphony, which was a
lot like the fourth.
•The next three years saw the
composition of two ballets:
the finely characterized
Sleeping Beauty , and the
more decorative Nutcracker.
• Beethoven- 5th symphony
• Wagner- The Ride of the Valkyries
• Tchaikovsky- Waltz of the Flowers