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Beethoven’s struggle
Ludwig van Beethoven is arguably the greatest composer who has a great story of
passion, dedication and perseverance. Even though he began to begin to lose his
hearing and it progressively got worst due to Tinnitus, he continued to compose and
perform music until he possibly could no more.
Born 1770, baptized Dec. 17 1770
Father begins to teach him music with an extraordinary rigor and brutality at an early
1792 leaves for Vienna due to Electorate of Cologne
Around 1801 begins to lose his hearing
Continues to compose until he possibly could no more
o Born 1770
o Father was alcoholic but had music ability
o Beethoven’s looked up to his grandfather who was an eminent musician
o Father begins to teach Beethoven music ability at early age
o Had to stand on footstool to reach keys
o Beethoven was beat for each hesitation or mistake
o Deprived of sleep for extra practice
o Publishes 1st work at age of 12
o 1784, his father’s alcoholism worsen and can’t support family
o Beethoven gets hired as Assistant Court Organist
o 1787 goes to Vienna to meet Mozart
o 1800 Beethoven organizes concert in Vienna and presents 1st symphony
o 1801 confessed to friend he was going deaf
o 1802 begins to show disgust in how unfair life is
o Contemplated suicide
o 1803-1812 Continued to compose music as deafness progressed
o 1824 completes 9th and final symphony
o March 26, 1827 Beethoven dies
o Lived a tough life since birth
o Loved to take in and learn as much music as possible
o Composed great symphonies even loss of hearing
o True story of passion, perseverance, and dedication