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Ludwig Van Beethoven
German composer and pianist
Wrote during what is called in art and music the Classical Period (1750 - 1827)
One of the most respected and influential composers of all time
Moved to Vienna, Austria. Studied with the legendary composer Haydn.
Stared to lose his hearing in his twenties
He continued to compose, conduct, and perform, even after he was completely deaf
His father was very strict and harsh. His father was a heavy drinker too.
Even though the public loved his music, Beethoven did not make a lot of money
When his hearing really began to fail, Beethoven used to speak others using conversation
books where he and the person he was trying to speak with would write back and forth to
each other in the book
Beethoven had a horrible temper!
He had terrible stomach pains which began in his twenties.
The real cause of Beethoven’s death was found to be lead poisoning. This was
discovered in 2006 when Argonne National Laboratory (near Chicago, Illinois) did a
study on some of Beethoven’s bone and hair pieces. They discovered he had 100 times
the normal human level in him. The poisoning happened long and slowly over many
years time, and not all at once. This poisoning is what caused his terrible stomach pains.
Lead poisoning is what finally killed Beethoven.
Beethoven wrote nine symphonies
Beethoven died in 1827