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By: Ehsan Khodarahmi
The roles, advantages and disadvantages of advertising and direct
marketing in managerial and marketing contexts
The roles, advantages and disadvantages of sales promotion in different
managerial and marketing contexts
The roles, appropriate use of and challenges of public relations activities
and sponsorship in achieving and supporting corporate, managerial and
marketing objectives
The role, appropriate use of, management of personal selling in marketing
The role and evaluation of additional communication tools such as product
placement, trade shows, packages and exhibitions etc.
Advertising - Any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of
goods and services.
Public relations - Building good relationships with the company’s various
audience by obtaining positive publicity, building up corporate image while
managing negative publicity created by third parties.
Direct marketing - Direct communications with targeted existing and or
prospect customers for an immediate response, while cultivating customer
Personal selling - Personal presentation by a company’s sales force with
the intention of making sales while building customer relationship.
Sales promotion – Usually short-term incentives to encourage purchase or
sale of a products and services.
Word of Mouth
Viral Marketing
Sales Promotion
Public Relations
Product Placement
Social Media Marketing
Exhibitions and trade shows
Sponsorship and endorsement
1) Traditional: Print, billboard, TV and Radio
2) Digital and On-line: Internet, Mobile, Banner and Social Media
1) In-store Sales Promotion
2) Coupons and vouchers
1) Traditional Public
2) Digital and e-Public
When it is happening off-line, it
is called Word of Mouth.
if the conversation takes place
and forms on-line, it is called
Word of Web (or Word of
Applying creativity in the existing
advertising techniques to increase
awareness. This technique is likely
to enhance Word of Mouth .
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