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• Philosophical and Artistic movement
• Emphasis on human reasoning
• Begins in Italy
– Florence, Milan, Naples, Rome, Venice
– Lorenzo de Medici, ruler and patron of arts
– Isabella d Este, filled her palace with artwork
• Back to studying humanities
– Grammar, history, poetry and rhetoric
Writers and Artists
Petrarch, love poems
Niccolo Machiavelli- “Prince” describes best
government, power and political success
Art featured scenes and images of daily life
Leonardo Da Vinci- sculptor, scientists,
architect, engineer and painter
Michelangelo and Rafael
Da Vinci- Mona Lisa, Last Supper
Michelangelo- Sistine Chapel
Northern Renaissance
• Inventor- Johannes Gutenberg
– Printing press and movable type
• Writers
• Erasmus- “The Praise of Folly” ridiculed church
• Thomas More- “Utopia”
– governments are corrupt,
– Private ownership create unnecessary conflict
• Shakespeare- enough said
• Artists- oil and canvas paintings