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Chapter 13
• Renaissance means – “Rebirth”
• It was a time of change in Politics, Social
Structure, Economics, and Culture.
• Changed from an agricultural society to an
Urban Society
• It was a study of Roman and Greek
Renaissance Attitudes
• live life on earth fully
• develop individual talent
• public service and politics
• an intellectual movement that studied
the ancient Greeks and Romans in an
effort to better understand their own times
• Spiritual  Secular
• Humanities- grammar, rhetoric, poetry, &
Reasons for Italian Renaissance
• Past greatness of Rome
• Money from trade and rising middle class
Major Cities
• Florence- richest Bankers and Merchants
• Patron- financial supporter
• (e.g. The Medici Family, Lorenzo in particular)
• Venice – Trade
• Milan – Textiles
• Humanistic Reflection
– Combination of religious and secular
– Reflections of individualism and public service
Perspective – depth added to art
Use of shading
New oil paints
Study of human anatomy
Leonardo da Vinci
“Renaissance Man”
-Anatomy, Engineering, Painting, Scuplture,
Botany, Optics, Music
Works: Mona Lisa, The Last Supper
Michelangelo Buonarroti
• Most well-known, “the greatest”
• Sculptor, engineer, painter, architect, poet
• Works:
– David, Pieta, Sistine Chapel
• Mastered the use of PERSPECTIVE!!!!
• Known Work: School of Athens
• Known for his use of Balance and
• Taught Michelangelo