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Renaissance Biography Assignment
Directions: Each student will research the background, accomplishments, and impact of
one of the Renaissance’s most influential sculptors, scientists, architects, politicians,
scholars, or artists from the list below. This research will be presented to the class.
Students will use the information learned about their Renaissance person to write a
paragraph including the information listed below. Then they will create a historical head
and historical license plate about that same person. All information should be written in
the student’s own words.
The Background should include:
Year of Birth , Family history, Schooling, Death
The Accomplishments should include:
Any major artwork, buildings, leadership abilities, or theories produced during their
The Impacts should include:
Any major influences they had on their profession during and after their death.
List of Renaissance People: Underlined names will find information the best.
1. Benvenuto Cellini
17. Giovanni Bellini
2. Donatello
18. Sandro Botticelli
3. Lorenzo Ghiberti
19. Pieter Bruegel the Elder
4. Andrea del Verrocchio
20. Leonardo Da Vinci
5. Copernicus
21. Albrecht Durer
6. Rene Descartes
22. Michelangelo Buonarroti
7. Galileo Galilei
23. Raphael Sanzio
8. Gerardus Mercetor
24. Titian
9. Leon Battista Alberti
25. Paolo Uccello
10. Filippo Brunelleschi
26. Jan Van Eyck
11. Andrea Palladio
27. Marsilio Ficino
12. Castiglione Baldassare
28. Isaac Newton
13. Martin Luther
29. Sir Thomas More
14. Nicolo Machiavelli
30. Georgione
15. Aldus Manutius
31. Donato Bramante
16. William Shakespeare
32. Galileo
33. Johann Gutenberg