Download 17.1 Italy: Birthplace of the Renaissance (pp. 471-479)

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Italy: Birthplace of the Renaissance (pp. 471-479)
Section Outline: Complete the section outline as you read. Remember that an outline contains
the most important facts from a reading, and is not usually written in complete sentences. An
outline can be a way of creating organized notes.
o Italy’s Advantages
o City-States
o Merchants and the Medici
o Looking to Greece and Rome
o Classical and Worldly Values
o Classics Lead to Humanism
o Worldly Pleasures
o Patrons of the Arts
o The Renaissance Man
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o The Renaissance Woman
o The Renaissance Revolutionizes Art
o Realistic Painting and Sculpture
o Leonardo, Renaissance Man
o Raphael Advances Realism
o Anguissola and Gentileschi
o Renaissance Writers Change Literature
o Petrarch and Boccaccio
o Machiavelli Advises Rulers
o Vittoria Colonna