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The Italian Renaissance
Nick Foland
What is it?
• The revival of art and literature
under the influence of classical
models in the 14th–16th centuries.
• A rebirth of beliefs mainly taking
place in Italy
• In the 12th century, Europeans started to
rediscover Greek and Roman literature
• Led to the humanist movement in 14th
century and the beginning of the renaissance
• The growth of humanism created new ideas
in science, art, and architecture
• People began to think “outside of the box”
• Adopted Classical Roman features
• Buildings are more square, symmetrical and have a
more planned appearance
• The façade of a building is symmetrical around vertical
• They used arches, domes, and columns
• Ceilings are not left open as they were in medieval
• Italian architects prefer clearly defined forms of
architecture and “structural members that expressed
their purpose.”
Tempietto di San Pietro in Montorio,
Rome, 1502, by Bramante
• “The Renaissance, the rebirth of Art Science.”
• Reached its pinnacle from about 1500-1530
• Once again, used Greek and Roman buildings
and sculptures to inspire their ideas
• Famous artists include Michelangelo, Raphael,
and Leonardo
Leonardo Da Vinci
• Known for painting the Mona Lisa and The Last
• Very interested in the world around him.
• Drew a very detailed drawing of the human
• Left us with designs for a tank and a helicopter.
• Known as the “Renaissance Man” because of his
great skills in art and science. He influenced many
ideas later in history.
Other Famous Bros
• Brunelleschi- Designed the dome for
a church that did not have a roof for
175 years.
• Michelangelo- Famous artist. Painted
the Sistine Chapel. Also sculpted
David and the Pieta.
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