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Atlas of World History
Name ____________________________________
Greeks & Romans
Date ____________________ Core ______
Civilization of Ancient Greece – pgs.28-29
Study the TIMELINE at the top of the page and then fill in the following sentences.
The first civilization to live in the area of Greece was the
Civilization living in
Crete about _________ B.C.
Democracy began in Ancient Greece in about _________ B.C.
Athens and Sparta went to war in the year _________ B.C.
This was called the Peloponnesian War.
Study Map A – Minoan Crete and then fill in the following sentences.
 In about 2000 B.C., the Minoans became S____ T__________.
 The capital of the Minoan Civilization was K___________.
The Minoan Civilization lasted on Crete until the year ________ B.C.
Study Map B – Mycenaean Greece and then fill in the following sentences.
 The famous Trojan War between the Acheans and the Trojans happened in the city of
in the year _________ B.C. according to legends found in both the Odyssey
by Homer (Greek) and the Iliad by Virgil (Roman).
Photo C
What is being shown in photo C on page 29? Why is it important to Ancient Greece?
Map D – Ancient Greece and Trade
List the three major exports of Ancient Greece.
1. _____________________________
2. _____________________________
3. _____________________________
Growth of Greek City-States – Pgs. 30-31
Study Timeline A – Government in Athens
What types of Government did Athens have before it became a democracy around 508 B.C?
Study Map B – Greece and Its Colonies
What other major civilization were the Greeks trading with between 750-550 B.C.?
The P________________
Photo C
According to the caption for Photo C, why might the Greeks under Alexander the Great want
revenge on the Persian Empire?
Study Map D – The Peloponnesian War
 The Peloponnesian War started in __________ B.C.
The War was between ___________________ and ___________________.
Sketch the symbol shown next to  on the map in the box.
What happened in 404 B.C. that helped Sparta beat Athens? ____________________________
The Conquests of Alexander the Great – Pgs.32-33
Complete the following sentences from the introduction.
- Years of fighting had weakened the Greek city-states.
kingdom in northern Greece, conquered the entire region.
- Then Alexander turned to the east and conquered the
P____________ E____________.
- When A__________________ died, his generals divided his empire into separate
- Alexander’s conquests led to the
m__________ of Greek culture with the culture of
conquered lands.
B – How Big Was Alexander’s Empire?
Circle the statement you MOST agree with.
Alexander’s Empire was much larger than the United States.
Alexander’s Empire was much smaller than the United States.
Alexander’s Empire was about the same size as the United States.
Study Map C – The Persian Empire
The Capital of Macedonia was
P_______ .
Greece came under the rule of King Philip II of Macedonia in the year ________ B.C.
The Capital of the Persian Empire was
P_____________ .
Study Map D – Alexander Conquers Persia
Follow the purple route of Alexander’s conquest and fill in the following sentences.
The first major battle between Alexander and the Persians happened at
Anatolia in the year ________ B.C.
The second major battle between Alexander and the Persians happened at
in Syria
in the year ________ B.C.
Alexander was in E________ and founded the city of Alexandria between 333 B.C. and
332 B.C.
MAP D continued…
Alexander finally defeated the Persian troops in the battle at
Mesopotamia in the year ________ B.C.
Alexander’s last major battle happened in India in the year ________ B.C.
Alexander died on his way back to Macedonia (Greece) near the city of B___________ in
the year ________ B.C.
From Roman Republic to Roman Empire – Pgs. 34-35
After reading the introduction, decide if the following statements are TRUE or FALSE.
_______________ Rome was founded (started) as a republic.
_______________ Rome was a republic before it became an empire.
_______________ The city of Rome was the capital of both the republic and the empire.
_______________ When Rome was a republic, it was ruled by one, all-powerful ruler.
Study Map A – Growth of the Roman Republic
 Rome became a republic in the year ________ B.C.
 By the year ________ B.C., Rome controlled all of Italy.
By 264 B.C., Rome was in competition with
Mediterranean region which led to the
C__________ for control of the
Study Diagram B – Central Rome
Central Rome
100 A.D.
 _______________________
 _______________________
 _______________________
Fill in the names of the buildings in Central Rome in
the legend.
 _______________________
 _______________________
 _______________________
 _______________________
 _______________________
Look at Photo C
The soldiers being shown in the photo are part of the Roman army which is called the
R________ L______________
Study Chart D
Fill in the T-Chart below, comparing the early Roman Republic to the later Roman Empire.
From Republic to Empire
Who leads?
How long do they rule?
How do new leaders take power?
Height of the Roman Empire – Pgs. 36-37
After reading the introduction, answer the following questions.
The name of the time period when Roman rulers brought peace and wealth to Rome and made
great accomplishments was called the
P____ R___________.
The Roman Empire was connected by R_____ and sea routes which helped trade in the
The common language of
communicate and trade.
helped the many cultures of the Roman Empire
Study Map B – Expansion and Trade in the Roman Empire
What two goods did the city of Rome and Italy export most? 1.
What important good did Rome get from places like Alexandria, Cyrene, and Carthage in
northern Africa?
What important good needed for the army did Rome get from central Spain?
C – How Big was the Roman Empire?
Circle the statement you MOST agree with.
The Roman Empire was much larger than the United States.
The Roman Empire was much smaller than the United States.
The Roman Empire was about the same size as the United States.
Photo D
The statue in the picture is of ____________________________________________. Before he
became emperor, this grand-son of Julius Caesar was known as
Study Map E – Languages of the Roman Empire
The two main languages spoken in the Roman Empire were
Decline of the Roman Empire – Pgs. 40-41
After reading the introduction and studying the map B – Roman Empire Splits Apart,
answer the following questions.
What were the major causes of the fall of Rome? (tell about at least 3)
What is a Barbarian? Explain.
Study Picture A and read the caption.
Who is Emperor Constantine and why is he important to Roman History?
 Where was the Roman capital moved to in 330 A.D.? Why? __________________________
 In what year did the Roman Empire split
into the Western Empire and the Eastern Empire? ________ A.D.
Study Map E – Barbarian Invasions and Migrations
 In the year ________ A.D. Rome lost Britain to the A_________ - S__________.
Name the Barbarian Groups that attacked western Rome.
The A______ - S_______ invaded Britain.
The S_________, A_________, and V__________ invaded Spain and
Northwestern Africa.
The V____________ and G_______ invaded Gaul (France), Italy, and Greece.
The H______ invaded Germany and Anatolia (Turkey).
 The last western Roman emperor was deposed (removed) in the year ________ A.D. which
marked the end of the Roman Empire in Western Europe, though the Byzantine Empire in
the east continued on.