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*** Chapters 6-10 Quiz ***
1. The 200 year period when peace, order, and prosperity flourished is known as the
a. Pax Romana
b. Circus Maximus
c. republic
2. What was the Roman attitude toward Christianity?
a. They ignored Christians
c. They embraced Christianity
d. Punic Wars
b. They tolerated Christianity
d. They persecuted Christians
3. By building a new capital in the eastern Roman empire, Constantine
a. Shifted the center of Roman power, leaving the western portion to decline
b. Prevented the Visigoths from overrunning the empire
c. Completely revived the Roman empire to its former glory
d. Succeeded in splitting the empire into two parts
4. The Ancient Romans’ most significant contribution to Europe has been in the area of
a. Economics
b. poetry
c. drama
d. law
These illustrations suggest that early Latin American civilizations
a. were based on European societies
b. used advanced technology to build complex structures
c. incorporated early Roman architectural design
d. were strongly influenced by Greek and Roman architecture
6. Which of he following civilizations ruled an area that included the Andes Mountains?
a. Olmecs
b. Mayas
c. Aztecs
d. Incas
7. Which of the following was not one of the Mayan advances in learning?
a. a numbering system
b. a method of making paper
c. a 365- day solar calendar
d. a hieroglyphic writing system
8. Which statement best describes the result of the Crusades?
a. Europeans maintained a lasting control over much of the Middle East
b. Islamic influence dominated Europe
c. Europeans developed tolerance of Non-Christian religions
d. trade between Europe and the Middle East was expanded.
9. The Crusades have been called “history’s most successful failures.” Which statement best explains this expression?
a. The Crusades did not achieve their original goals, but they brought about many desirable changes in Europe.
b. Although the Crusaders captured the Holy Land, they were unable to bring about democratic reforms
c. The Crusades helped bring about the fall of the Roman Empire
d. The Crusaders prevented the Turks from capturing Constantinople for many centuries
10. Why was the Magna Carta important?
a. It approved money for wars in France
c. It allowed the monarch to abolish Parliament
b. It asserted that the monarch must obey the law
d. It limited the power of the pope