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Session 5:
Audience Profile
Global Social Marketing
Tilly A. Gurman, DrPH
Donna Sherard, MPH
October 5, 2009
Session objectives
Describe the role of an
audience profile within a
social marketing plan
Identify essential
information that should be
included within an
audience profile
Develop an audience
profile for a SMP using
existing data
Segmentation is the process of
identifying unique groups of people,
within larger populations, which
share similar interests and needs
relative to the product, service or
behavior to be promoted.
A market segment is:
Distinct from other groups
  Homogeneous within the segment
  Commonly responsive to marketing
strategies and influences.
PSI segments using 4 variable
By risk
By behavior
By behavioral determinant
By supply source
You are the
marketing director
for MFP Energy
Drinks and you’re
about to launch this
new energy drink in
Jorge is your target
audience. What do
you want to know
about him?
Jorge and the 4 Ps
How will this
information affect
How will this
information affect
How will this
information affect
How will this
information affect
Poor, Lazy woman
or, selfsacrificing
What is an Audience Profile?
A document that creates a living image of
the target audience, that will guide
marketing decisions throughout the
program. The audience profile is key to
develop a marketing plan and related
tools, such as the creative briefs that
are ‘audience centered’
Why is the Audience Profile
Understanding our target audience helps
marketers develop programs and
marketing interventions that truly meet
their needs (and not what we think they
need), which is essential to influence their
Audience profile outline
  Name
(and picture)
  Demographics
  Psychographics
  Behavior
  Behavioral determinant
  Barriers & Benefits
  Media habits
  Willingness to pay
Final words on audience profile
A complete profile is:
  Complete enough to vividly describe your target
audience (to bring it alive) but,
  Not too detailed to distract the reader from its
Identify your research gaps as soon as possible; and
if they are important, you need to plan to fill them
before moving forward with your marketing plan (if
possible of course).
Small Group exercise
Review India data tables
Complete Audience Analysis worksheet
Identify any information gaps/other information you would like
to know
  Challenges?
  Gaps?
  Do
you think this profile can change
over time? What are the implications
for your marketing pan?
Quote for the day…
“People are people. They are complex
and do stupid things but this
doesn’t mean they are stupid.”
- Gerard Hastings, Director, Institute of Social
Marketing, University of Stirling.