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Role Play:
Toy Company Intern
Chapter 2 – Basic Marketing Concepts
The DECA Connection
Contact: Nicole Smith [email protected]
 Assume the role of an intern in the
marketing department of a consumer
product manufacturing company that
specializes in toys and electronic
games. A new electronic game is
being developed and the Research &
Development Director has asked for
your input. You are to meet with the
R&D Director in fifteen minutes.
 You must decide what you will tell the
R&D Director about the strategies to
use for product, place, price, and
promotion decisions (the four Ps) of
the marketing mix. In your
presentation include consideration of
the product’s consumers and
customers, as well as concepts such
as target marketing and market
 You will be evaluated on how well you
meet the following performance
 Define target marketing
 Explain the different between consumers
and customers
 Explain the role of market segmentation
 Explain marketing mix strategies
 Demonstrate appropriate creativity