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Dear Students As you know our first exam is scheduled for Thursday, Oct 6th. Here's some info on your exam...
1. There will be 40 multiple choice questions on the test from chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.
2. Here are some topics you can focus on each chapter (feel free to read the book but mainly focus on the
Powerpoint slides/class notes)...
Chapter 1: The elements of marketing mix, customer value, needs and wants, satisfying needs,
relationship marketing, the evolution of marketing
Chapter 2: The step by step process of strategic planning, SWOT, product/market growth matrix,
5 forces model
Chapter 3: CREST, different types of environmental forces, examples for each different type of
CREST factors
Chapter 4: Various types of research, various types of data, and various ways to forecast sales
Chapter 5: Step by step consumer decision making process, exceptions to the process (when do
the consumers skip decision making process), factors that influence the process, think of
Chapter 6: Step by step business customer decision making process, how does the process differ
from consumer decision making process, RFPs, different types/levels of business relationships.
Chapter 7: Segmentation, different types of variables used to segment customers or businesses,
benefits of segmentation, selection of target markets, target market attractiveness, positioning,
and perceptual maps.
3. For application type questions, my best suggestion is that you make a list of the concepts that we
covered in class and think of an example for each concept.
4. If you have a documented disability and need extra time and quite space, please come to my office 1015 minutes before class so that I can put you in a separate room.
Good luck!