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Marketing Plan for Port Washington Business (2016)
Your objective is to create a marketing plan for an actual Port Washington business. Your plan
should review what it is currently doing effectively and state future recommendations (and reasons for
those recommendations). Use the sample Video Store Marketing Plan as a template and guide.
Your assignment will include:
• A written marketing plan
Your written marketing plan should include:
 Executive Summary - brief overview of the company and the marketing plan
 Overview of Current Business
o Situational Analysis
 SWOT Analysis
 Environmental Scan
 Marketing Strategies
o Target Market
 Market Segmentation
o Marketing Mix (4Ps)
 Marketing Objectives - goals
 Summary (future recommendations)
Please note: it is essential that you focus on recommendations and strategies – rather than just
explaining what the business is currently doing (as the business is fully aware of what they are doing).
You will be evaluated on the actual marketing plan, your behavior, staying on task, how you spend
your class time, and how you’re able to work effectively as part of a team.