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Today I will: Learn to analyze and segment a Target Market
So I can: Differentiate between mass marketing and market
I will know I’m successful when: I am able to see myself how
marketers see me
Text Books needed. Pages 43-49.
Reading strategy today is to scan, focusing on:
Highlighted Terms
Write down key terms
What do you find interesting?
Read, scan, plant seeds
Market Segmentation - the process of
classifying people who form a given
market into even smaller groups
How are markets segmented?
Behavioral Characteristics
Demographics – Statistics to describe
a population
 Age
 Gender
 Income
 Disposable
 Discretionary
 Marital Status
 Ethnic Background
Geographics – Segmentation of a
market based upon where people live
Where might a particular market live?
In Nebraska or Utah?
What about Florida or Washington?
Behavioral Characteristics –
Segmentation of a market based upon
purchasing-related behavior
• Buying Patterns
• Usage Rates
Psychographics – grouping people
with similar lifestyles, attitudes, values
and opinions.
 Activities
 Attitudes
 Personality & Values
Mass Marketing – use of a single marketing strategy
to reach all customers
Name a company or product that would use Mass
The product must have mass appeal
Our modern world is . . .
More people
This leads to? . . .
Market Segmentation
instead of mass marketing
Assignment –
1) Segmentation in the Mirror. You represent a certain
a) Demographic
b) Geographic
c) Psychographic
Write down every characteristic about yourself that
marketers of different products would see in you in
each of the above categories. In other words,
describe yourself in detail. Use one or two word
2) Using your computer, locate ads for clothes targeted
toward three different target markets. Create a B&W
document, print it out and include in your notes.