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deploying event rule 113
developer tools
freeze panels 181
diagnostic tools 9
audit 70
database 70
plan 70
pobox, storing messages 88
disk filling up
EDWA 135
disk usage problems
EDWA 135
display cpu=@ fails, on UNIX 98
distributed engine
responsiveness of TDWC decreasing
with 170
when running production details
reports, might overload TDWC 170
domain manager
agents not linking after repeated
switchmgr 207
cannot link to fault-tolerant agent 91
mailman unlinking from fault-tolerant
agents 111
not connecting to fault-tolerant agent
using SSL 90
not shut down on UNIX after
switchmgr 207
recovering corrupt Symphony
file 211
running as standalone 87
standalone running 87
start and stop, commands not
working 91
Symphony file on backup becomes
corrupted 207
UNIX, system processes not killed
after switchmgr 207
workstation not linking after
JnextPlan 103
domain name
not included for mail sender 131
duplicate user ID invalidating session on
TDWC 188
DWC connection status blank 162
DWC engine version empty 162
dynamic agent 154
event condition does not generate any
action 113
job status continually in running
state 94
not found from console 94
not running submitted job 94
server connection 111
troubleshooting 111, 112
dynamic agent (V8.5.1)
cannot be registered 112
dynamic workload broker
cached jobs
increasing 151
concurrent threads on server
configuring 151
job archiving
configuring 151
job throughput
increasing 151
Dynamic Workload Console 173, 180,
access error launching task from
bookmark 178, 189
accessibility xiv
actions return empty tables 188
admin user cannot see portfolio 173,
available groups list is empty in enter
task information window, using
LDAP 190
communication failure with DB2 on
RHEL V5.6 184
CSV report corrupted in MS
Excel 176
daylight saving notation missing in
the time zone specification 191
db2 183
default tasks not converted into
language set in browser 178, 189
engine connection
error when running historical
reports or testing connection
from an external instance of
WebSphere Application
Server 163
fails if Oracle database in use 162
fails when performing any
operation 163
not working 160
settings not checked 169
test, taking several minutes before
failing 161
troubleshooting 159, 184
fields in job statistics view showing
-1 175
insufficient space when running
production details reports 176
internet explorer problem 180, 181
job stream not displayed 182
JVM fails on RHEL V5 190
list not updated after running
action 188
other problems 186
performance problems 170
plan view 182
problems with browsers 178
problems with reports 174
processing threads continue in
background if browser window
closed 179, 190
production details reports, running,
might overload distributed
engine 170
report fields show default values after
upgrade 177
reports not displayed when third
party toolbar in use 175
responsiveness decreasing with
distributed engine 170
run period exceeds the historical data
time frame 177
scheduled time range not respected on
z/OS engines 195
session has become invalid message
received 188
Dynamic Workload Console (continued)
Simplified Chinese characters missing
or corrupted when using Google
Chrome or Apple Safari 181
SQL query returns the error message
AWSWUI0331E with validate
command 175
troubleshooting 1, 159
unexpected login request when using
single sign-on 172
unresponsive script warning with
Firefox browser when opening
Workload Designer 179
upgrading with option Update All
does not work 194
user access problems 172
Workload Designer 183
wrong user logged in when making
multiple accesses 172
WSWUI0331E error when running
reports on an Oracle database 176
Dynamic Workload Console Single
Sign-On authentication fails after master
upgrade to version 8.6.0 173
dynamic workload scheduling
log files 32
trace files 32
dynamic workload scheduling audit 75
installing for Log Analyzer 19
prerequisites 19
education xiv, 219
edwa and 8.3 agents 146
EIF event, checking it has been sent 130
email send action fails
for event rule 131
empty or missing event monitoring
configuration file 134
empty panel in DWC
HADR 180, 191
empty tables returned in TDWC from
actions 188
enDbAudit, global option 70
used to check event management
enablement 125
engine connection from DWC
not working 160
engine connection from TDWC
error when running historical reports
or testing connection from an
external instance of WebSphere
Application Server 163
fails if Oracle database in use 162
fails when performing any
operation 163
settings not checked 169
test, takes several minutes before
failing 161
troubleshooting 159, 184
enLegacyId, dependencies not processed
correctly 136
enLegacyStartOfDayEvaluation, time
zones not resolving correctly 136