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This error occurs when there is insufficient swap space (virtual memory) to
perform the operation.
Create more swap space or wait until there are fewer active processes before
retrying the operation.
UpdateStats fails if it runs more than two hours (message
AWSJCO084E given)
When running the UpdateStats command in a large plan, if the job run time
exceeds two hours, the job fails with messages that include the following:
AWSJCO084E The user "UNAUTHENTICATED" is not authorized to work with the
"planner" process.
Cause and solution:
This error occurs because the large number of jobs in the plan has caused the job
run time to exceed two hours, which is the default timeout for the user credentials
of the WebSphere Application Server.
To increase the timeout so that the UpdateStats command has more time to run,
perform the following steps:
1. Locate the following file:
where the default path for <WAS_profile_path> is <TWA_home>/WAS/TWSprofile.
2. Locate the parameter authValidationConfig="system.LTPA" timeout="120"
3. Edit the timeout value from 120 minutes to a value that you consider sufficient.
4. Stop and restart the WebSphere Application Server by using the conman
stopappserver and startappserver commands (or, in the latter case, the
StartUp command).
The planman showinfo command displays inconsistent times
The plan time displayed by the planman showinfo command might be incongruent
with the time set in the operating system of the workstation. For example, the time
zone set for the workstation is GMT+2 but planman showinfo displays plan times
according to the GMT+1 time zone.
Cause and solution:
This situation arises when the WebSphere Application Server Java virtual machine
does not recognize the time zone set on the operating system.
As a workaround for this problem, set the time zone defined in the server.xml file
equal to the time zone defined for the workstation in the Tivoli Workload
Scheduler database. Proceed as follows:
1. Stop WebSphere Application Server
2. Create a backup copy of the following file:
where the default path for <WAS_profile_path> is TWA_home/WAS/TWSprofile.
3. Open the original file with a text or XML editor
Tivoli Workload Scheduler: Troubleshooting Guide