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Save the file and rerun the submit. No error should be given by conman.
During Jnextplan fault-tolerant agents cannot be linked
When you run the conman command stop, the command might take time to stop
all the Tivoli Workload Scheduler processes on local fault-tolerant agents. If, in the
meantime, the Symphony file was downloaded, it cannot be received by the Tivoli
Workload Scheduler agent because some processes are still running and the
following message is displayed:
AWSBCW037E Writer cannot initialize this workstation because
WRITER:+ mailman is still active.
Insert sleep 60 after conman stop in the Jnextplan script.
Submitting job streams with a wildcard loses dependencies
You issue a submit of interdependent job streams using a wildcard. In certain
circumstances you lose the dependencies in an anomalous way.
Cause and solution:
To understand the cause, follow this example, in which the job streams are
represented by A, B, C, and their instances are represented by 1, 2:
1. You have the following job streams and jobs in the Symphony file:
B1 (A1,C1)
where B1 depends on A1 and C1.
2. You submit all the jobs, using:
sbs @
The planner creates the following Job Scheduler instances:
B2 (A2,C1)
B2 now depends on A2 and C1. This is correct, because at the moment of
submitting the B2 Job Scheduler C2 did not exist, so the highest instance
available was C1.
3. The planner then asks you to confirm that you want to submit the instances:
Do you want to submit A2?
Do you want to submit B2?
Do you want to submit C2?
4. Assume that you do not want to submit the job streams A2 and C2, yet, so you
reply "No" to the first and last questions. In these circumstances you lose the
dependency on A2, but not on C1. This behavior is correct and logical but could
be seen by some as anomalous.
To correct the situation, stop the agent on the workstation where the Job Scheduler
is running and cancel the Job Scheduler. Then determine the correct sequence of
actions to achieve the objective you want, and submit the appropriate jobs.
Chapter 8. Troubleshooting engine problems