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Command line programs (like composer) give the error "user
is not authorized to access server"
You launch CLI programs (like composer) but when you try and run a command,
the following error is given:
user is not authorized to access server
Cause and solution:
This problem occurs when the user running the command has a null password.
Composer, and many of the other Tivoli Workload Scheduler CLI programs cannot
run if the password is null.
Change the password of the user and retry the operation.
The rmstdlist command gives different results on different
The rmstdlist command on a given UNIX platform gives results that differ from
when it is used on other platforms with the same parameters and scenario.
Cause and solution:
This is because on UNIX platforms the command uses the -mtime option of the
find command, which is interpreted differently on different UNIX platforms.
To help you determine how the -mtime option of the find command is interpreted
on your workstation, consider that the following command:
<TWA_home>/TWS/bin/stdlist/rmstdlist -p 6
gives the same results as these commands:
find <TWA_home>/TWS/stdlist/ -type d ! -name logs ! -name traces -mtime +6 -print
find <TWA_home>/TWS/stdlist/logs/ -type f -mtime +6 -print
find <TWA_home>/TWS/stdlist/traces/ -type f -mtime +6 -print
Look at your operating system documentation and determine how the option
The rmstdlist command fails on AIX with an exit code of 126
The rmstdlist command on AIX fails with an exit code of 126 and no other error
Cause and solution:
This could be because there are too many log files in the stdlist directory.
On AIX, you should regularly remove standard list files every 10-20 days. See the
usage instructions in the Tivoli Workload Scheduler: User's Guide and Reference for full
Question marks are found in the stdlist
You discover messages in the log or trace files that contain question marks, as in
the following example (the message has been split over several lines to make it
more readable and the question marks are highlighted to make them more
Tivoli Workload Scheduler: Troubleshooting Guide