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Chapter 3. Capturing data in the event of problems
Describes the facilities available for data capture in the event of problems
occurring. It provides full details of the Data capture utility and the provisions for
first failure data capture.
In the event of any problems occurring while you are using Tivoli Workload
Scheduler, you might be asked by the IBM Support Center to supply information
about your system that might throw a light on why the problem occurred. The
following utilities are available:
v A general data capture utility command that extracts information about Tivoli
Workload Scheduler and related workstations; see “Data capture utility.”
v A first failure data capture (ffdc) facility built into batchman and mailman that
automatically runs the data capture utility when failures occur in jobman,
mailman, or batchman; see “First failure data capture (ffdc)” on page 50.
Data capture utility
The data capture utility is a script named tws_inst_pull_info which extracts
information about a product instance of Tivoli Workload Scheduler.
This script collects information that IBM Software Support can use to diagnose a
problem. The data capture utility runs on all the supported operating systems.
The data capture utility script is located in the <TWA_home>/TWS/bin directory and
can be run from the UNIX or DOS prompt on the master domain manager, the
backup master domain manager, or a standard or fault-tolerant agent.
When to run the utility
Describes the circumstances in which you would use the data capture utility.
Use the data capture utility in these circumstances:
v A Tivoli Workload Scheduler process has failed, but the automatic ffdc facility
has not detected the failure and run the script for you (see “First failure data
capture (ffdc)” on page 50)
v Tivoli Workload Scheduler is very slow or is behaving in any other abnormal
v You are requested to do so by IBM Software Support
Using the utility when you need to switch to the backup master
domain manager
If the master domain manager fails you might decide that you want to switch to
the backup master domain manager to keep your scheduling activities running. If
you also want to run the data capture utility you have two choices:
Data capture first
Run the data capture utility first to ensure that the information extracted is
as fresh as possible. Then run switchmgr.
To reduce the time between the failure event and the running of
switchmgr, run the data capture utility without dumping the DB2®
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