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database, then run it again on what is now the backup master domain
manager as soon as switchmgr has completed, and this time dump the
DB2 database.
Switchmgr first
In an emergency situation, where you must continue scheduling activities,
run switchmgr immediately and then run the data capture utility on both
the new master domain manager and the new backup master domain
manager as soon as switchmgr has completed.
Describes the prerequisites for running the tws_inst_pull_info data capture utility.
Where the utility can be run
The utility can be run on the master domain manager, the backup master
domain manager or a standard or fault-tolerant agent.
Who can run it
The utility must be run by one of the following users:
v Any Tivoli Workload Scheduler user
v Root (recommended on UNIX or Linux systems)
v Administrator (on Windows systems)
To determine the best user to run the script, make the following
Troubleshooting any type of problem
v On UNIX operating systems the user running the script must
have read access to the /etc and /etc/TWS directories and read
access to the /etc/TWS/TWSRegistry.dat file
Troubleshooting installation problems
v On UNIX operating systems, run the script as root to ensure to
gather all installation information.
Troubleshooting problems when the product is running
v The script will only extract database object descriptions to which
the user running it has EXTRACT permission in the Security file.
The <TWS_User> (the user who performed the installation)
normally has full access to all database objects, so this is the best
user to run the script.
v The Tivoli Workload Scheduler instance must have a Symphony
file otherwise some information will not be extracted.
Other prerequisites
The facility to dump the database is only available for DB2 databases.
Command and parameters
Describes the command syntax and parameters of the data capture utility.
Command syntax
Run the data capture utility with the following command: -u
Tivoli Workload Scheduler: Troubleshooting Guide